Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bring the Fairy Tale to Your Child with Elsa's Coronation Dress by Lady Herndon! #giveaway US 4/28

A little over a year and a half ago I had the immense pleasure of taking my oldest, who was 2 1/2 at the time, to our local theater to see a film that has become a daily must-have in our home and, if social media is any indication, almost every home across the world: Frozen. Every day when I start up my computer and bring up Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, there's always this Frozen themed craft or that one. There's always a Mama who has posted a status about having the urge to secretly stash away their toddlers copy of the movie and my day wouldn't be complete without another Mama, Aunt, Grandmother or Sister posting a covertly filmed video of their little one belting out "Let It Go" while the movie plays in the background.

For all the hype and all the misery it's caused I can honestly say that Frozen is worth it's weight in gold and that the craze has been worth every second of it. I think my daughters, now 2 and 4, and still watching the movie at least twice a week, can agree. At least, if a playroom full of Frozen toys, bedding, dolls, clothing, etc. is anything to go off of. With the Frozen chaos still going strong in my home it was to my absolute delight that I was given the chance to work with a fabulous little Etsy shop called Lady Herndon.

What's so special about Lady Herndon and what treasures does it have in store for you, my faithful readers? Well, Lady Herndon specializes in the creation of every little dreamers dream: being able to dress up and become the characters of their most beloved fairy tales!

Check out what Sarah, the lovely proprietress behind Lady Herndon, has to say about her shop, how she found the beginning of her sewing adventures and her hobbies:

My family of six moved back to the US after teaching in Istanbul, Turkey, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Living far away from the convenience of America has taught me to appreciate the value of handmade and home-cooked treasures.

Using techniques taught to me by my mother and her mother, I sew to find myself again in a world full of four wonderful young kids, a hard-working and loving husband who is my own brave Knight in Shining Armor, and a holy Lord who directs my steps. I also work as a part-time secretary at our home church. If I ever have free time, I love climbing mountains, reading, coffee, running, and being with friends.
I am inspired by my children and the way they recreate popular fairy tales and movies when they play, which is what gave me the idea to make them dress-up costumes that were as comfortable and durable as real clothes.

As I hinted above, Sarah is a talented artisan in her trade and creates costumes that help children bring their fairy tale dreams to life with her creations.

I was sent a My Fairy Tale: Elsa Coronation Dress for my review!

Let me start off by saying how blown away I was and still am with this Elsa replica. As soon as it arrived I was able to tell it was of high quality and made by the hands of an expert--and that was before I had even removed it from the packaging. I knew right away that I had a decision to make: take the dress out of it's pristine packaging and let my daughter play in the exquisite costume or stow it away until Halloween. As you can tell my curiosity and impatience won in the end and I promptly scrubbed every inch of my daughter before allowing her to try the dress on.

Sarah couldn't have done a better job at crafting this costume if Elsa herself had leapt from the television screen and handed it to her herself. From the design of the dress right down to the embroidered crest of Arendel everything was spot on. I would know; I've only seen the movie about a million times since it's release into theaters. 

Such beautiful embroidery and attention to detail. I especially loved the gold trim Sarah added-it really makes everything pop. My oldest, Sophia, who was modeling the dress especially loved it and her squeals of excitement could be heard by our neighbors across the way. Her 4 year old enthusiasm to be wearing "Elsa's special dress" was catching and pretty soon I was fractionally less worried about her getting it dirty and more content to watch her curtsy, bow and twirl in the beautiful replica dress.

Unlike a lot of cheap costumes that come from retail stores such as Wal-mart, Target, etc. that use polyester fabric and attach velcro closures or bulk, uneven buttons to close the backs, Sarah uses high quality cotton and cleverly adds a simple zipper to the back of her costumes so getting it over Sophie's head, settled onto her body and then back over again was a snap. It was just an added bonus that it made getting it over her Elsa-ish styled hair easy and didn't mess up a single strand. When you consider the fact that neither myself nor my Mama are any good at styling hair then that's quite the feat!

I could go on and on about this costume: how flawless the stitching is, how accurate the sizing was, the fit, etc. but my words nor the pictures I managed to snap can do Sarah's work justice. You'll just have to check out her enchanting creations for yourself!

With a wide range of fairy tale character ensembles to choose from Lady Herndon is sure to have your costume needs covered. Whether you have a Frozen, Tinker Bell or Peter Pan fan, you won't find a more perfect match for your child!\

Want to win a $50 Gift Code from Lady Herndon to apply to any order (with a minimum order of $55)? Hop aboard the rafflecopter form below and stay tuned to see if you're picked as our winner!

You can connect with Lady Herndon on Etsy|Facebook|Twitter and make sure you never miss an update from the creator of real life magic herself! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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