Sunday, April 26, 2015

Personalized Jewelry That's Designed to Shine #review and #FLASH #giveaway US 5/10

Being as how my daughters are only just turning two and four this year it was with a heavy heart that I marked May 10th off on the calender and made a reminder for myself so I wouldn't forget a card to accompany the gift I had gotten my own Mama. For 4 years I've been longing to be given a Mothers Day gift of my own and each year I've celebrated the day on my own with a slice of Publix Supreme Chocolate Ganache cake to console me.

Now, please don't misunderstand, I love my children and spending the day with them watching movies or going on walks together is the perfect way to spend the day but when I look at the collection of cards and trinkets we kids gave our Mother over the years it just makes me sad knowing that I don't yet have those things for myself.

As a single Mom it might be years before there's anyone around to help my littles pick out gifts or cards and although Mothers Day is once again creeping up on us I don't feel as left out as I have in previous years. You might wonder what caused such a change in me this year compared to previous years and well, the answer is simple.

I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Designed to Shine. A resident of Etsy, one of my favorite marketplaces and one my readers might be familiar with, Designed to Shine is run by the fabulous and easy to talk to proprietress, Hilary. Known as Mama Shine to some and Mama, Wife, Sister and Friend to others, Hilary is Mom to a tiny army of 4.

Her shop, Designed to Shine opened their Etsy doors in November of 2012 and since then has satisfied customers with over 19,611 sales. If you take a look at her gorgeous pieces it's really no surprise why. With categories ranging from Mommy Pieces to Handwriting Pieces and more, Designed to Shine is your place to shop for trinkets that celebrate, renew and encourage the wearer.

For my review I was given the opportunity to work with Hilary and have a special Mothers Day themed piece made just for me. I was able to pick my style, customize the piece and have it made exactly to my own tastes.

I was sent one of Designed to Shine's Mommy Tag Necklace. When I first starting talking to Hilary about this opportunity I knew I was going to love this particular piece when I picked it out but when it arrived on my doorstep, all lovingly wrapped, I had no idea just how much I'd love it.

Take a look at the packaging--I love receiving packages but let me tell you, when a sponsor really takes their time and puts real thought into their wrapping, it makes the experience all the more special in my eyes.

How could that lovely little box not contain something as precious as this piece? 

I asked about this piece in particular because of it's simple design. I've never been one for gaudy jewelry but I felt that not only did this display my love for my two daughters but it also spoke of my love for simplistic jewelry. From the birthstones meant to symbolize the months of their birth, to the shiny stainless steel tags, the Mommy Tag necklace spoke to me from the very first time I set eyes on it. 

Each piece that comes from the Designed to Shine Studio is made to order from start to finish. Talking to Hilary about my specific needs to my piece was quick, painless and fun. She was so easy to work with and very personable, which I love above all else when talking to Etsy shop owners about a purchase. 

No two pieces from Hilary are the same and are each made by hand in the studio. Each individual letter is hand-stamped, one by one. I don't know about you but just thinking of the artistic process gives me a little thrill! 

If you've been searching high and love for the perfect gift for Mom this Mothers Day or any other occasion then Designed to Shine is the place to go for your individual needs. 

In addition to following on Etsy you can become a fan of Designed to Shine on Facebook|Instagram| Doing so will insure that you never miss the latest and greatest news! 

Want the chance to win a $25 Gift Card from Designed to Shine to gift to someone special or splurge on a personalized piece for yourself? 

Hilary has very generously donated the Gift Card to Milkwasted, so, check back tomorrow when the giveaway goes live and get your entries in for your chance to win!! 

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